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Types of gaskets

A gasket is one of the basic elements for flanged joints in several systems. A gasket is a sealing material or a combination of materials clamped between two separable mechanical members of a mechanical or flanged joint that produces the joint’s weakest link. Different types of gaskets ensure leak-proof sealing. Many different types of gaskets… Continue Reading

What is a split seal?

A split seal has components split into two equal halves which are secured as one unit on the seal shaft. The major advantage of the split seal design is that it allows you to install the seal with no dismantling of the pump (or equipment), this allows you to quickly and easily replace worn or… Continue Reading

U-Cup seals

U cups, or more commonly known as U seals, are an integral part of a piston or cylinder sealing system. Although they may look round in shape, their unique U-shaped profile safeguards the pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder. U-Seals are a lip seal, named for the cross-section’s distinctive “U” shape. They are used for both dynamic… Continue Reading

Wiper seal basicsWiper seal basics

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders play an essential part in the operation of industrial equipment and are found in a wide range of applications. The function of the wiper seal is to prevent dirt particles from entering hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Wiper seals for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, also known as scraper seals, are installed on… Continue Reading

Understanding U-cup seals

U-cup seals are characterised by a U shape with an outer static sealing lip and an interior dynamic sealing lip. They are employed in both dynamic and static applications. As the applied pressure increases, the form energises the sealing lips. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is the most often used material for U-cup seals in hydraulic applications… Continue Reading

Rubber gaskets – modest and essential

Rubber gaskets are undervalued but crucial components in thousands of machines and appliances used in our daily lives to create a barrier between two objects to prevent any leaking of liquid or gas or offer protection from outside elements like moisture and dust. Because of their varied applications, rubber gaskets are manufactured in many different… Continue Reading

A brief overview of hydraulic seals

Hydraulic seals are typically non-metallic and are used to seal gaps between the various components of a hydraulic cylinder. Fuzion Trading only sells high-quality rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications. Some of our hydraulic seals are described below. Double-acting piston seals A sliding ring and an energiser are typically used in double-acting piston seals.… Continue Reading

Rubber used for moulding applications

Most of the synthetic rubber used today is used to create a range of rubber moulded products. Compared to other materials like steel or plastic, rubber is a complex material with various components undergoing a chemical reaction during vulcanisation before entering the manufacturing cycle. Rubber moulding challenges Rubber can take on many shapes in its… Continue Reading

How Important Are Hydraulic Sealing Products

How Important Are Hydraulic Sealing Products

Being a business which works in an industry where seals are sought after and needed in order to ensure that your systems are running at an optimum, can make things tough. When it comes to whether you should choose this material seal or specific types of seals such as moulded rubber products, fluid sealing products… Continue Reading