Pneumatic Sealing Products

Seals & O-Rings For Pneumatic Applications

At Fuzion Trading, we offer a wide range of seals and O-rings specifically suited to pneumatic applications. These pneumatic seals and O-rings are used in various applications, most often with rotary or reciprocating motions. We supply only the highest quality pneumatic seals and O-rings.


Rubber U Seals

Rubber U Seals provide exceptional temperature and extrusion resistance and is also hardy and durable. Contact us to find out more.


O Rings create a seal by making circular contact between two or more machine components and are some of the most commonly used sealing solutions around.


Where static radial sealing is concerned, back-up rings are responsible for supporting O-rings in the event of gap extrusion.

Double Acting (TDUOP)


Wiper seals are essential for applications where equipment needs to be protected from irregularities in the environment, such as dust, debris or weather conditions. They protect cylinders by being fitted to their heads.

Seal Kits

Contact us or browse our site to find out more about the various seal kits offered by Fuzion Trading.