Hydraulic Sealing & O-rings

If you are looking for a comprehensive range of rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications, Fuzion Trading has an extensive list of products that are certain to suit your needs.

Rubber seals and O-rings from hydraulic applications

Generally, hydraulic seals are non-metallic and used to seal openings between the various components within a hydraulic cylinder. At Fuzion Trading, we supply only the highest quality rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications.

Double acting seals

With their cross-section symmetrical profile and two-way identical sealing function, double-acting seals are ideal for applications where thick lubrication films are used. They also come in varying profiles and sizes depending on your needs.

Poly U-seals

Polyurethane is a durable and heat resistant material that makes it the perfect material for hydraulic seal applications.


Wiper seals are essential for applications where equipment needs to be protected from irregularities in the environment, such as dust, debris, or weather conditions. They are fitted into cylinder heads to offer protection.


O-rings create a seal by making circular contact between two or more machine components. Rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications are some of the most commonly used sealing solutions around.


When it comes to static radial sealing, backup rings are responsible for supporting O-rings in the event of gap extrusion.

Cup seals

U-cup rod seals can help reduce the risk of gap extrusion by integrating them into the rods by simply extending the housing length to protect them from the stresses of external pressure.

We also offer various seal kits.


Why choose Fuzion Trading

For over 30 years, Fuzion Trading has positioned itself as a market leader for precision rubber products. This has led us to build up an extensive range of specialised rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications for use across several industries, facilities, and applications.

Each of our rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications is designed and developed with efficiency, reliability, and affordability at their core. This ensures that our products provide a robust and versatile solution to every facility we work with, regardless of the application.

Specialised solutions to spec

In addition to off-the-shelf precision rubber products, we also work closely with our clients to provide them with solutions that meet their specific needs. Speak to us today for more information about rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications for specific operations that are a perfect fit for your equipment and facility.

Offers on fluid, hydraulic, and pneumatic seals

Fuzion Trading works with and stocks a wide range of rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications for industrial and commercial applications.

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