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Composite Seals (Koppers)

Composite Seals (also known as Koppers in South Africa) are used in precision gland and piston applications and are energised by a nitrile rubber O-Ring. Composite seals (Koppers) should be made of PTFE with a high percentage of bronze to give the product excellent sealing characteristics and return movement of the piston. Regrettably much of… Continue Reading

Fuzion Trading – New Products

New Products from Fuzion Trading As a result of numerous requests from respected customers we have recently added the following to our already extensive range… Viton O-Rings Composite Seals (Koppers) Hydraulic Seal Kits for various applications Coming Soon from Fuzion Trading Uni’s/Moly’s (Imperial U-Seal with Quad Ring Energiser) & Split Seals Fuzion Trading is a… Continue Reading

The Back-up Ring

What is a Back-up Ring? It is a ring manufactured from a variety of relatively hard materials, which when placed in a seal groove between the O-ring and the clearance gap i.e. on the seal’s low-pressure side, acts as a support for the O-ring. Function of a Back-up Ring  The back-up ring blocks the gap… Continue Reading

Pallet Jack Wheels

Pallet Jack Wheels + FUZION TRADING Stocks Pallet Jack Spares STEER WHEELS LOAD ROLLERS BOGEY WHEELS Manufactured from Polypropylene you can rely on the strength products to give maximum service Also stocked: 6205 Bearings for Steer Wheels 6204 Bearings for Load Rollers & Bogey Wheels Thrust Bearings – All sizes Seal Kits Pallet Jack Wheels… Continue Reading

O-Rings by Gapi

FUZION TRADING and GAPI of ITALY have teamed up to bring Southern Africa the World’s Most Superior O-RINGS FUZION TRADING is proud to announce that we are official distributors for the full range of GAPI O-RINGS FUZION TRADING has listened… to you our valued customers and is expanding their well-respected manufacturing profile to include selected… Continue Reading

Importing!…Is It Wise?

Buy South African…or Importing! In the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seal Industry many users and re-sellers prefer to import  their product on the basis that imported items are better etc…etc…etc. Importing product that has a local market and is NOT manufactured in South Africa e.g. O-Rings, makes good sense. Importing of products that local manufacturers actually… Continue Reading

Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Products FUZION TRADING manufactures a wide range of Polyurethane Products from design to despatch exclusively at our factory situated in Wadeville, Germiston. Moulded Polyurethane Products give you, the customer complete assurance that each item manufactured, years into the future, is as perfect as the first sample approved. FUZION TRADING is also a leading manufacturer… Continue Reading

Rocker Bushes & Radius Bushes

Radius & Rocker Bushes Superior Heavy Duty Trailer Spares Now available from FUZION TRADING And Now…an Industry First!   Radius Bushes made from regrind material “Half the Price” of virgin material, and just as good (as proved by the 25,000 sales – no returns) Continue Reading

O-Rings…The Facts!

Before we get into a more detailed discussion of O-Rings you should spend one minute to read this interesting article on the basics and history of the humble O-Ring here… Measuring O-Rings The O-Ring is, in most cases, measured in the ID and the cross section, e.g. 25 x 2.5 which indicates that the… Continue Reading

Specialised Sealing Compounds…by GAPI

Introducing the NEW range of  Specialised Sealing Compounds from GAPI Gapi’s Specialised Sealing Compounds (Perflouroelastomers) are proving to be very cost effective in the following industries: Chemical Processing Aerospace and Defence Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Food, Pharmaceutical and Biochemistry Road, Rail and Marine Transport Specialised-Compounds < Click this Link To Obtain Full Details of these… Continue Reading