Precision Rubber & Polyurethane Moulded Products

  1. Rubber-2Fuzion Trading prides itself in the design and manufacture of polyurethane and  rubber products of the highest quality
  2. Products are manufactured from the full range of available materials (VIEW MATERIALS HERE)
  3. Items are custom made to specific customer specifications
  4. Fuzion Trading moulded products are superior due to our moulds being able to produce an exact product each time (as opposed to machining)
  5. Stock can be manufactured in advance for customers who provide us with a reasonable expectation of purchases = immediate availability.

Listed below only a representation of the variety of products designed and manufactured for customers in various industries (VIEW INDUSTRIES HERE)

  • Rubber1bellows
  • bladders
  • bottle grippers
  • bottle pads
  • bushes
  • butterfly valve seals
  • conical seals
  • cone rubbers
  • diaphrams
  • discs
  • donuts
  • drive belts
  • dust covers
  • filler rubbers 
  • 03032011002-300x225flanges
  • gaskets
  • grippers
  • grommets
  • hockey pucks – underwater
  • isolator rubbers
  • knife gate valve seals
  • mouth rubbers
  • nipple caps
  • nozzles
  • plugs
  • rings
  • sleeves
  • spacers
  • spear gun handles
  • spreader rubbers
  • strips
  • suction cups
  • taper bushes
  • toys
  • valves
  • washers
  • and many, many more items

This list is a very small representation of the capability of Fuzion Trading. The team is extremely capable and currently satisfies well in excess of 90% customers requests.