A brief overview of hydraulic seals

Hydraulic seals are typically non-metallic and are used to seal gaps between the various components of a hydraulic cylinder. Fuzion Trading only sells high-quality rubber seals and O-rings for hydraulic applications.

Some of our hydraulic seals are described below.

Double-acting piston seals

A sliding ring and an energiser are typically used in double-acting piston seals. When mounted, the elastomeric energiser deforms sufficiently to retain the slide ring in dynamic sealing contact with the cylinder bore while sealing statically against the seal housing groove.

Fuzion Trading offers double-acting piston seals in various profiles, series, and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of operating situations and applications, including earthmoving equipment, lifting machines, and presses.

PSO seals, commonly known as Koppers in South Africa, makes installation easier. The PSO seal features a double profile on the dynamic side and a surface with two microscopic steps where the O-ring is situated on the static side. The PSO seal replaces the PTFE element of the seal with polyurethane with varied hardness available depending on the desired pressure rating.

The PHP Piston seal, often known as the four-piece Kopper, is designed for double effect cylinders with high pressures and operating conditions. Because the central dynamic part comprises polyurethane rather than Teflon, a Teflon sealing device is not necessary.

Piston seals are made up of three parts:

A static part with energising function.

A central dynamic part with axial sealing ability.

A lateral anti-extrusion ring that provides more radial space between the piston and bore cylinder.

Why choose Fuzion Trading

For over 30 years, Fuzion Trading has positioned itself as a market leader for precision rubber products. This has led us to build up an extensive range of specialised hydraulic seals for use across several industries, facilities, and applications.

Each of our hydraulic seals is designed and developed with efficiency, reliability, and affordability at its core. This ensures that our products provide a robust and versatile solution to every facility we work with, regardless of the application.

Specialised solutions to spec

In addition to our off-the-shelf precision rubber products, we work closely with our clients to provide solutions that meet their specific needs. Please speak to us today for more about our hydraulic seals for particular operations that are a perfect fit for your equipment and facility.

Contact Fuzion Trading for details

Fuzion Trading works with and stocks a wide range of hydraulic seals for industrial and commercial applications. Find out more about our specialised range of hydraulic seals by contacting one of our representatives. Alternatively, you can continue browsing our website for more information.