Composite Seals (Koppers)

Composite Seals (also known as Koppers in South Africa)

are used in precision gland and piston applications and are energised by a nitrile rubber O-Ring.

Composite seals (Koppers) should be made of PTFE with a high percentage of bronze to give the product excellent sealing characteristics and return movement of the piston.

Regrettably much of the market is using an inferior product which has only 20% bronze in the PTFE.

Composite Seals need to have 40% bronze mixed into the PTFE

to ensure that the product performs to a very high standard. You will be able to identify a Fuzion Trading 40% bronze filled PTFE composite seal by its GREEN colour. If in doubt…ASK!

The Characteristics of an excellent Composite Seals is…

  • Low friction
  • No stick/slip
  • Manual break-out force
  • High wear resistance
  • Cost effective
  • External and internal sealing functions
  • High pressure stability

Examples of applications are…

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Actuators
  • Machine tools
  • Measuring instruments
  • Gauge control equipment
  • Construction plant
  • And many more

Fuzion Trading, leaders in the field of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing have tested various Composite Seals and are now offer a Superior Product which conforms to the strictest requirements.

Fuzion Trading’s Green Composite PTFE Seal contains 40% Bronze matched with a superior GAPI nitrile energiser (O-ring)

Fuzion Trading has full confidence in this product to be the perfect choice where using a Composite Seal (Kopper) is required for optimum performance.

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