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Gapi-LogoSuperior GAPI O-Rings

30 years of continuous improvement has allowed GAPI to achieve the highest quality and levels of technology. You can therefore purchase Gapi O-rings from Fuzion Trading with 100% confidence.

The compounding division (see below*) has led to complete integration of the manufacturing cycle for O-rings.

A world class quality assurance system (see below**), starting with incoming raw materials to the final control of the finished product prior to storage or delivery to the market completes a cycle which offers you superior O-rings, the world’s best.

Fuzion Trading expertise, collaborating with Gapi on a regular basis can investigate and offer you the right O-rings for every application and answer many of the problems confronted every day by engineers and draftsmen.

*The GAPI Compounding Division

viton-o-ringMaintains a large inventory of standard and special compounds which meet a number of technical specifications from a diverse group of industries. Fuzion Trading has access to this division and is always available to assist with specialised requirements.

**GAPI O-Rings comply with a large number of industry standards. The Quality Assurance System has been assessed and certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance on December 7, 1992, as respondent to ISO 9002 Standard. Recently the Quality System Management has been approved to ISO 9001

Fuzion Trading stocks an extensive range of Gapi O-Rings.

  1. 70 durometer Nitrile (the standard)
  2. 90 durometer Nitrile
  3. Viton®oring
  4. Silicone
  5. All other options by request

An extensive range of 70 durometer O-rings is stocked in both Metric and Imperial sizes.
The 90 durometer Nitrile, Viton® and Silicone O-rings are stocked mainly per customer request, and these ranges are growing daily.

Note: Fuzion Trading is prepared to stock any size and/or material upon request. Please discuss with the team.

FUZION TRADING is a Leading Manufacturer of…

  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic Seals and Allied Products
  • Polyurethane Products
  • Moulded Rubber Products
  • Importer and Manufacturer of Superior O-Rings