Importing!…Is It Wise?

Buy South African…or Importing!

In the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seal Industry many users and re-sellers prefer to import  their product on the basis that imported items are better etc…etc…etc.

Importing product that has a local market and is NOT manufactured in South Africa e.g. O-Rings, makes good sense.

importingImporting of products that local manufacturers actually EXPORT does not seem to make much sense.

It is obvious to assume that an overseas importer of South African Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals would have done their homework (probably worldwide) and has found the local manufacturer to be extremely acceptable.

Fuzion Trading, for instance, exports a large quantity of Polyurethane Seals and other products on a regular basis.

What is more puzzling is that the local manufacturer in the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seal Industry who successfully supplies many of the major industries throughout Southern Africa still finds opposition to local products from some.

Importing a world-class product….

Assuming a world class product which has been exhaustively tested, and has proven quality it would be safe to assume that…

  • The product will be cheaper locally
  • Delivery would be assured
  • Lead times much shorter
  • Communication (in your own language) will be much quicker and easier
  • Stock-holdings can be minimized

I am positive that this article can and will be debated and we welcome positive feedback.