Rubber Gaskets

Looking for Precision Rubber Gaskets?

rubber-gasketsManufactures Moulded Rubber Gaskets…

You are assured of a perfect product today, tomorrow and in the years to come when using a moulding process.

Fuzion Trading will manufacture in the elastomer of your choice, e.g.

We also manufacture Polyurethane gaskets for various applications

Shore hardness (durometer scale) is important in the manufacture of rubber gaskets to ensure proper sealing.

Consider the heat range of the product where the gasket is to be used; this will require the correct material, e.g. (centigrade)

  • Nitrile – 40c to 100c
  • EPDM – 55c to 125c
  • Viton® – 20c to 200c
  • Silicone – 60c to 225c
  • Fluorosilicone – 60c to 177c
  • Butyl – 55c to 100c
  • Polyurethane – 40c to 80c

Listed below are charts of the chemical compatibility of elastomers to a variety of chemicals and/or compounds. Using the correct is imperative to the longevity of the gasket.

Click here for Chart . (