Spotting Damages To Hydraulic Seals

Spotting Damages To Hydraulic Seals

For many industrial processes, hydraulic seals make up the arteries of their productive processes. Because of this they need to be reliable in their performance, which means that their quality and condition need to be consistently high. However precision rubber products such as these work under immensely harsh conditions, and they do take damage as a result.

To avoid unnecessary downtime, you need to ensure that this damage doesn’t get out of hand. By catching wear and tear before it causes a seal to fail, you can avoid this. But you need to know what to look for.

Signs of Deterioration

As a seal starts to deteriorate, it will lose most of its elasticity. When this happens it starts to crack and crumble having lost its integrity. This may be caused by excessive exposure to high temperatures, ozone, or sunlight, and will need to be replaced fairly quickly. To avoid deterioration, consider reducing oil or fluid temperatures.

Signs of Extrusion

When extrusion takes place on seals it typically shows in excessive gaps around the surfaces, reducing the seal’s effectiveness. This is typically caused by use on uneven surfaces or when the backup ring is the wrong size.

Signs of Fracturing

Fracturing occurs when the material is missing from the dynamic side of the seal or when the pressurised surface of the seal is burned or broken. This is generally caused by excessive pressure in the system, or when it has inconsistent pressure spikes. Increasing start-up pressures and carefully inspecting pressure-release valves can help avoid fracturing, but if it has already occurred, you will need to have the seals replaced.

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