The Top Benefits & Features of Split Seals

The Top Benefits & Features of Split Seals

Hydraulic seal manufacturers have been offering over-the-counter split seals to the market for well over 30 years now with almost every industrial sector opting for their use. They hold a number of benefits to a variety of types of processes, from small-scale ones working with low temperatures and pressures to those in the power sector that have challenges relating to extreme variations.

So let’s take a look at the advantages they offer in every application they are used in:

A Material for Every Application

No two split seals are made equal; they vary in their design, style, strength and materials depending on their intended use. You can, for instance, obtain them in carbon steel, nickel alloys and stainless steel, for when more resistance against temperatures, pressure and corrosion are a concern for the plant or factory.

On top of this, they come with different packing materials from braided rope packing to graphite and Teflon; depending on the needs and challenges of the environment they are expected to perform in.

Effective Vacuum Conditions

Split seals match the vacuum performance of non-split seals, and often enough even outdo them. This makes them ideal for even some of the most demanding applications (if the right ones are sourced), particularly where extreme temperatures and pressures are concerned.

Simplified, Efficient Maintenance

The biggest and most lauded benefit to split seals is how simple they are to install, replace and maintain. There is no need for any disassembly when working on them. All one needs to do is remove the seal.

This saves an incredible amount of time (and therefore money) in the long-run, since little to no downtime would be required to work on them.

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