Viton® O-Rings

du-Pont-Viton-150x150Viton® O-Rings

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers L.L.C..

There are a number of variations of Viton® that are designed to best meet a specific performance requirement. Due to exacting standards, Viton® is safe and environmentally friendly as Viton® can be relied on.

Viton® O-rings

will outlast O-rings made from other general-purpose elastomers including nitriles. This reliability alone significantly reduces the need for and cost of frequent downtime for maintenance and repair/replacement of O-rings.

viton®-o-ringsViton® O-Rings 

and seals are made from a fluoroelastomer which is well known for its excellent (200°C) heat resistance. Viton® offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals and has worldwide ISO 9000 registration.

General use grades of Viton® fluoroelastomer are denoted as A, B and F. Each differ primarily in their resistance to fluids also aggressive lubricating oils and oxygenated fuel blends. There is also a class of high performance Viton® grades

Viton® O-Rings

will work in a wider temperature range and can tolerate a wide range of aggressive fluid environments. Viton® O-rings are extremely versatile over a wide range of diverse applications.