When is it time to replace your hydraulic seals

When is it time to replace your hydraulic seals

Without the seals , it is impossible for a hydraulic cylinder to work correctly , and it is important to change the seals on your hydraulic cylinder as it is needed. Are you wondering if it’s time for you to change the seals on your hydraulic cylinder ? Here are a few tell-tale signs that the time is now.

The seals are visibly worn

If you notice that a seal is broken or has ripped ,has worn edges , it needs to be replaced with immediate effect. similarly , if it is thinning , it also needs to be replaced quickly before friction completely destroys it. The unfortunate thing with most hydraulic cylinders is the fact that the only seal you can see without completely disassembling the entire cylinder is the seal right at the very top of the rod where the piston enters the barrel. To check and replace all the other seals , you need to take the entire cylinder apart.

The cylinder isn’t working

If your hydraulic cylinder is not functioning as it should , there could be a plethora of problems ranging from a bent piston to a scratched tube barrel , but the easiest issue to fix on your own is a broken or missing seal. In the event of a malfunction , take apart the cylinder and look at the seals. You can purchase seal kits for most hydraulic cylinders and they come with all the seals and O-rings you need to replace the old ones.

Hydraulic fluid is shooting out the cylinder

The seals should be keeping fluid in place so that your equipment runs seamlessly , if you are noticing any fluid , whether it be shooting out or slowly seeping , the seals are most likely the culprit. Stop using the equipment with immediate effect to protect it from damage

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