Understanding U-cup seals

U-cup seals are characterised by a U shape with an outer static sealing lip and an interior dynamic sealing lip. They are employed in both dynamic and static applications. As the applied pressure increases, the form energises the sealing lips. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is the most often used material for U-cup seals in hydraulic applications due to its unique mix of robustness and resistance to gap extrusion and wear.

U-cups are available with a single- or double-lip design.

Loaded U-cups

Loaded U-cups are created for dynamic reciprocating applications. Because of the O-ring loader, this seal is ideal for low-pressure rod and piston applications. As the system pressure rises, so does the force on the loading lips in loaded U-cups. The greater pressure is automatically compensated for by the sealing force, resulting in a positive seal.

Unloaded urethane U-cups

The unloaded urethane U-cup design is an excellent heavy-duty seal for both piston and rod applications, and it performs well in both static and dynamic applications.

Homogenous U-cups

Homogenous U-cups are common in low-pressure applications that need a low friction seal. They are primarily employed in pneumatic applications.

Spring energised U-cups

Spring energised U-cups are designed plastic seals with a metal spring. The spring presses the seal’s lips against the mating hardware, resulting in a seal that can compensate for movement in dynamic situations.

Why choose Fuzion Trading

For over 30 years, Fuzion Trading has positioned itself as a market leader for precision rubber products. This has led us to build up an extensive range of specialised U-cup seals for use across several industries, facilities, and applications.

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Specialised solutions to spec

In addition to our off-the-shelf precision rubber products, we also work closely with our clients to provide solutions that meet their specific needs. Please speak to us today for more about our U-cup seals for particular operations that are a perfect fit for your equipment and facility.

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