Wiper seal basicsWiper seal basics

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders play an essential part in the operation of industrial equipment and are found in a wide range of applications. The function of the wiper seal is to prevent dirt particles from entering hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Wiper seals for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, also known as scraper seals, are installed on the cylinder’s exterior surface and provide a sealing contact with the piston rod.

As the piston rods retract into the system, wiper seals remove dirt or moisture from them. Without a wiper seal, the retracting piston rod could transport contaminates into the cylinder which can adversely affect performance and service life of hydraulic systems. The outside static sealing of the wiper within the groove is also important to avoid moisture or particles from entering the system around the outside of the wiper seal.

Wiper seals are classified into three varieties based on their material: polyurethane wiper seals, polyester wiper seals, and metallic wiper seals. Wiper seals are subjected to strong charges even if they don’t work with pressure. Metal wiper seals have been discovered to be more durable than flexible wipers. In addition, they give a precise connection to the system in opened or semi-opened housings.

It is critical to select the proper type of wiper seal, which offers the correct cylinder closure and protects against dirt and dust. Wiper seal providers provide a diverse selection of wiper seals based on the customer’s requirements. Considerations for wiper seal selection include:

· The amount of pressure at which the device will operate

· The material used to make the seal

· The seal’s function

· Acceptable friction losses

· The equipment’s temperature conditions

· The seal’s flexibility

· The seal’s durability

Wiper seals are used in various industrial applications, including:

· Automotive plants

· Cement industry

· Chemical pumps

· Construction equipment

· Drilling equipment

· Earthmoving machinery

· Food processing

· Forklifts

· Heavy equipment

· Hydraulic presses

· Mining

· Oil and petrochemical industry

· Pharmaceuticals

· Steelworks

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