What is a split seal?

A split seal has components split into two equal halves which are secured as one unit on the seal
shaft. The major advantage of the split seal design is that it allows you to install the seal with no
dismantling of the pump (or equipment), this allows you to quickly and easily replace worn or
damaged lip seals. The result is less downtime, significantly fewer labour costs, and ultimately less cost
of production. —an enormous time-saver!

When is a split seal the right solution?

Split Oil Seals are most frequently used in situations where dismantling is too difficult, such as in the
the steel industry, paper industry, heavy excavators, or marine propeller shafts.
Precision-engineered bearings are designed to last thousands of hours, perform at high speeds, high
loads and temperatures but the bearing seals manufactured to protect these bearings are not and
often will fail well before the bearings do and cause oil or grease to leak or worse allow dirt into this
critical area.
Once the seals fail you have no choice but to strip the equipment and replace the seals, in many
cases bearings are replaced as well just because the equipment is open.

Why choose Fuzion Trading

For over 30 years, Fuzion Trading has positioned itself as a market leader for precision rubber
products. This has led us to build up an extensive range of specialised split seals for use across
several industries, facilities, and applications.
Each split seal is designed and developed with efficiency, reliability, and affordability at its core. This
ensures that our products provide a robust and versatile solution to every facility we work with,
regardless of the application.

Specialised solutions to spec

In addition to our off-the-shelf precision rubber products, we work closely with our clients to provide
solutions that meet their specific needs. Please speak to us today for more about our split seals,
specifically split seals for distinct operational applications that are a perfect fit for your equipment
and facility.

Contact Fuzion Trading for details

Fuzion Trading works with and stocks a wide range of split seals for industrial and commercial
applications. Find out more about our specialised range of split seals by contacting one of our
representatives. Alternatively, you can continue browsing our website for more information.