U-Cup seals

U cups, or more commonly known as U seals, are an integral part of a piston or cylinder sealing system. Although they may look round in shape, their unique U-shaped profile safeguards the pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder. U-Seals are a lip seal, named for the cross-section’s distinctive “U” shape. They are used for both dynamic and static applications. The “U” shape energizes the sealing lips as the application pressure increases. Usually made of polyurethane, these U-seals which resemble an O-ring are formed into U-shaped channels on either side of the cylinder.

This design has been modified to create several unique configurations. These modifications provide additional benefits for a variety of applications. There are a number of lip profiles, with the most popular being a Standard U-Seal, Deep U-Seal or Bevelled lip U-Seal . The standard U-Seal has the same cross section and height. The deep U-Seal has a height greater than the cross section. The Bevelled lip type U-Seal has a bevel lip as the name states. Loaded Symmetrical U-Seal are a very versatile reciprocating seal design for use up to 5000 psi.

The U-Seal was basically designed to seal low pressure rod or piston cylinders in only one direction. It is a loader which means it puts pressure on the lip seal so that it squeezes and offers the required sealing force. However, it can efficiently handle high and low pressure applications, vacuum, and extreme temperatures. The design depends upon the seal type whether it is static or dynamic. The other factors that are an integral part of the design are surface finish, whether O-ring loaded, Z-seal, inner and outer diameters, machining dimensions, tensile strength of the material used, and so on.

U- seals find applications in various industries, primarily in hydraulic and pneumatic applications in the following areas: · Water treatment · Oil & gas

· Petrochemical

· Heavy engineering · Filling equipment · Automotive

· Pipelines · Agriculture

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